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Director Ameer criticizes Rajinikanth

In a recent meeting which was held against the uniform civil code law, director Ameer had strongly condemned Superstar Rajinikanth.


Ameer said, “Why is Rajinikanth opening his mouth on the black money issue now? He has not opined on any issue of this country till now.  

Rajini has said that a new India is born after Modi announced the demonetization move. Does he know something that happened in the old India where a film called Kabali was released?

Does he know the financials of Kabali? Does he know the ticket rates of Kabali and did they sell the tickets as per government guidelines? Would he openly discuss the business of Kabali? How can Rajini support a black-money elimination drive when a 120 Rs ticket of his film Kabali was sold for Rs 2000”.


Ameer's talk is one of the most talked stories in social media now. 

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Director Ameer criticizes Rajinikanth

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