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Dhanush - GVM's Enai Noki Paayum Thota teaser review

Enai Noki Paayum Thota's teaser is out among high expectations and here we are with our review of the teaser.

Dhanush seems to be a college student, who falls in love with Megha Akash. What would happen if his love interest gets trapped in a problem? Obviously, the man has to fight for her and solve all her problems. Looks like this is the one line of the film. But, one might have this feeling if this film will be on the lines of GVM's previous film Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, which was also about a guy who solves his girlfriend's problem. The teaser of this romantic action entertainer looks classy, with ample amount of mass moments. A remarkable number of fast cuts in the teaser's end tell us that why Anthony is a teaser specialist.

The teaser has some of the trademark GVM touches, such as the voice over narrations, classy visuals, uber cool hero, 'kaapu' in hero's hand and much more. Dhanush's name, which was under wraps all the while, is now revealed with this teaser. Dhanush plays the character called Raghu, and Megha Akash plays 'Lekha'. We can hope Lekha to follow the footsteps of Maya, Jessie, Nithya, Hemanika, Leela, to catch a place in youngster's hearts. Let us also welcome Senthil Veerasamy, the new GVM villain in K-town. His role is expected to be a meaty one. The word 'Erangi Adikkalaam nu Mudivu Panniyaachu' seems to be the signature dialogue of the film, which has all the chances to become a popular phrase to be used by teenagers and youngsters for their memes. 

The only disappointment that one will have, after seeing the teaser, is the name of the music director. It was believed that the team will reveal the music director's name with the teaser, but unfortunately, it didn't happen and everyone are still puzzled about it.

Is ENPT, another phase of AYM? Well, we'd have to wait for the film's release.

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Dhanush - GVM's Enai Noki Paayum Thota teaser review

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