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Dhananjayan Govind talks about the current Tamil cinema's trade scenario

The last two months has been so overwhelming for Kollywood with issues like demonetization, Jayalalithaa's death, Vardah cyclone and many others taking up the front seat, which resulted in a slight dip at the box office collections for movies.

When we contacted trade analyst Dhananjayan Govind for his opinion, this is what he had to say. "Yes, the last two months are not so happening for the industry. We had Jayalalithaa madam's sudden demise, then came Vardah and finally Jallikattu protests. So, people couldn't turn up for some entertainment as they have been undergoing so many shocks and unexpected twists in the state. Even the current political scenario of Panneer Selvam sir opening up has increased the curiosity for the people to follow the political updates. It has definitely affected the trade business of every film, but we cannot do anything about it."

When asked if there is a chance for films like Si3 (Feb 9 release) Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva (Feb 17 release) to be postponed, he said, "No, you cannot postpone the film all of a sudden. The producers undergo lots of procedure and finalise a release date. Nobody expected yesterday's statement from OPS, and practically it is tough. We have to undergo all these difficulties and release the film. There is no other go. Let us hope all the issues get sorted out as soon as possible."


Dhananjayan Govind talks about the current Tamil cinema's trade scenario

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