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As usual, Thalapathy Vijay has delivered a stunning speech at the audio launch of his forthcoming film Master. With his presence and impressionable oratory, Vijay has delivered a crackling speech with a dose of a surprise song and dance routine.

Decoding Vijay's speech at Master audio launch ft. Lokesh Kanagaraj

The speech commenced with a delightful display of the actor's version of the 'Vaathi step' moves, along with fellow team members Shanthnu Bhagyaraj and Anirudh Ravichander. The usually reserved actor broke into a step, which emerged as a surprise for spectators. The actor's clarification for limiting the occupancy of the event came as a breather for those who couldn't attend the function.

One of the most refreshing aspects of Vijay's speech was the way he acknowledged fellow stars of the Tamil film industry. Vijay remarked how Vijay Sethupathi, a star with a clout of his own, was gracious enough to accept the antagonist's role for just a four-worded reason "Enakku ungala romba pidikkumnga"  (I like you so much).

Another star mentioned by Vijay is none other than 'Thala' Ajith, one of the biggest contemporary superstars of Tamil cinema. The name popped up when one of the hosts, Bhavana, asked about the reason behind Vijay's sartorial choice (a sharp-suited look) for this occasion, for which the actor replied "My costume designer Pallavi (Singh) suggested me to wear suits, after saying that I dress poorly for such functions. I just thought of dressing like my friend Ajith."

The whole crowd broke into applause. The gesture may come across as friendly banter, but it is these moments of camaraderie that will help ease out the fan wars between followers of the two stars. These words only reinforce the fact that stars appreciate each other. As a result, social media is rife with tweets that resonate with the idea of unity between the two groups.

And of course, the most-talked about part of Vijay's speech is the analogy-ridden 'Kutti Kathai' speech. But this time, he started the part by singing a verse from his song 'Ella Pugazhum' from his 2007 film Azhagiya Tamizh Magan that goes "Ella pugazhum oruvan oruvanukke, Nee nadhi pole odikkondu iru"  (All praise is reserved for one person, you keep flowing like a river). Deriving metaphors from the verse, Vijay tells a story that resonates from his own life incidents. Vijay expressed that a river, irrespective of the reception it gets, flows in its own direction whilst performing its own duties. Vijay concluded his 'kutti story' with the line "Kill them with your success, bury them with your smile".


Several recent happenings made their way into Vijay's speech, including the recent I.T raids that found its mention when the host Mirchi Vijay asked about an advice he might give to his younger self, 'Ilayathalapathy’ Vijay.  The actor praised his young 'Master' team, from director Lokesh Kanagaraj, his fellow actors, music director and the producers of the film.

Through his speech, Vijay has created an enormous amount of expectations for Master (despite telling his fans to watch the film in order to know how the film has turned out). Vijay's elusive appearance is enough to give an enormous mileage and edge for the film's pre-release hype, thereby making him a darling for the producers of Tamil cinema. Special mention goes to Vijay's final selfie with the crew members, a sweet icing on the cake. 


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