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At present, one of the biggest debates in the cinema industry is the ‘Movies on OTT’ vs ‘Movies on Theatre’. Being one of the key stakeholders in the business, theatre owners have put their points forward, saying that movies that were originally shot for a theatre release must release in theatres. However, producers, who are at a cash crunch, want to sell their movies to OTT platforms to make some profit. Both parties have decided to discuss this issue in depth so that it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Producer K Rajan talks about Master and other films OTT release

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Behindwoods, popular producer K Rajan revealed some interesting facts. Speaking about the releases in OTT, he said “We have to think and speak for both sides. As a theatre owner, they want to safeguard their businesses. As a producer, we want to safeguard our film and investment.”

“Even today, Small films are finding it hard to get screens. OTT platforms and theatres, both parties are willing to acquire only big banner films or big stars’ films. Small films are still going unnoticed from both sides. There are so many movies that are yet to hit the screens or the OTT platform because there are no good buyers.”

“Even for Vijay’s ‘Master’, which was supposedly shot over a budget of 200 crores, the producers have to pay interest. There is a risk that any movie piracy site might steal it and illegally release it online. There is huge risk involved because of the delay.”

“OTT platforms are wanting to pay a huge sum to acquire streaming rights for 'Master'. However, my intuition says that Vijay will not accept it. He will want the movie to release in theatres. Even for a Salman Khan’s Bollywood movie, a huge sum of 520 crores was paid by an OTT platform apparently.”

He also said “They are speaking for their side, it is fair. However, they can’t threaten the producer. Threatening that no other movies of Suriya will be released in theatres is not fair.”

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