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Debut director Arumuga Kumar on his film with Vijay Sethupathi

We had reported some time ago that Gautham Karthik will be playing a dual hero subject in debutant Arumuga Kumar’s film. It has now been confirmed that the other hero in this film is none other than Vijay Sethupathi himself.


The much-delighted director tells us, “I did not choose Vijay Sethupathi; I told him the story, he liked it and chose the project!

Gautham Karthik is very happy and positive about Vijay Sethupathi being in the project as it is all about the role and its importance.

Sethupathi plays a character called Yaman but please don’t think this is some mythological subject. He indeed resides in the contemporary world only. He is a tribal leader and as per the story the group resides in Andhra but will be speaking in Tamil. It is a very lively but a rugged character for Vijay Sethupathi. The film is a full length comedy flick. Vijay Sethupathi’s look will be different and it will not be the usual mustache sporting one. There are two looks for him in the film. We will reveal his look slowly.

There is a new girl as a heroine. She is not a known heroine to Tamil. Whose heroine she is going to be is the main knot in the film, which I will not disclose for obvious reasons. Justin Prabhakaran is the music composer.

We are commencing the shoot from tomorrow (6th Feb) at VIT complex in Kelambakkam which will be the first schedule. We will be finishing the city portions here. There are a few locations on consideration like a forest area in Andhra-Tamil Nadu border. We would decide on it after we complete the first schedule”.


We wish you the best Arumuga Kumar

Debut director Arumuga Kumar on his film with Vijay Sethupathi

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