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Dancer Sathish's tweets on the latest episodes of Bigg Boss

Dancer Sathish is an ardent fan and a follower of Bigg Boss, who frequently updates his opinions on the latest episodes of Bigg Boss on daily basis.

On that note, he took to Twitter to share his opinion on yesterday's episode, targeting Raiza, Gayathri Raguramm, Snehan, Suja Varunee and others. He tweeted, "Raiza asking ideas for betterment to calcium hmm and Suja relax why are u reacting so much. Suja plss stop its casual prank plss plss. joke joke joke joke by all  market.ganesh asusual started.

People question towards prank making Suja think she has the people support. Nice energy from calcium she has sensed it. Snehanprechanecreate panrathey avanga than so kandippa avanga participate pannuvanga. Kissing moment yuck I would say.

Raizawat for this drama. Dont trigger this family ah how can she say that my god. Rombha tough. Treating a family members like that is also wrong that's y that attitude is carried outside. I feel respecting family is more imp."

*tweets are not spell-checked

Dancer Sathish's tweets on the latest episodes of Bigg Boss

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