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Celebs react to TN CM's wrong death news in TV channels

When it comes to communicating any information, there is a kind of frenzy among the media and people to do it first. This was seen in announcing about CM’s health a little while ago by a private TV channel. Thankfully, the news turned out fake and Apollo Hospitals issued a statement to refute it. We compile tweets of some of the celebs’ reaction on this. 


Karthik Muthuraman

Frends, V r Hoping Praying Our Most Precious C M Recovers, But less Statements 2 d contrary being circulated by Deranged Minds R dey Human?

Instead of playing the game 'Who announced or tweeted the news first' let's all have patience & pray for her recovery & an official news
Left office at Vadapalani & reached home. All shops & establishments closed on the way. Panic among people.

Rupa Manjari
Respected CM Jayalalitha Amma continues2battle&is ALIVE,Confirmed by Apollo now..news abt her demise is FALSE!Pls keep faith,stay calm&Pray!Pray media does not create more


Archana Kalpathi
This is the time for responsible journalism Please don't do things for -#TRP Many lives are at stake This is not the time to create chaos


Arunraja Kamaraj
மீடியாக்கள் முறையான தகவல்களை மக்களுக்கு அளிக்க தாழ்மையுடன் கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறேன். Stop working for TRP.

RJ Balaji
For God sake all you Tamil news channels be responsible. This is not the time to play ur Cheap TRP games.

Caarthick Raju
Thanthi TV announced for TRP at d wrong time. Tough time for public who got stuck everywhere. Why can't they for formal announcement
-#RIP Thanthi Tv -#RIP Pande. This is not a situation for TRP. super samaalippu in thanthi tv. But y r u not apologizing for flashing wrong news


Aravind S A
Waiting for Metro to leave. The silence is deafening. People inside the train are scared to death. I wish it hadn't come to this.


Chinmayi Sripaada

I dont watch the news coz I dont have a TV. I guess I should unfollow most news handles on Twitter.


Prasath Murugesan
Media should be careful at this sensitive issue! -#OurCMissafe


Gaurav Narayanan
How come the responsible media is so irresponsible (few). Plz don't work for TRP. Be humane.


still apollo hospital is treating our hon CM madame -#jayalalitha..pls dont spread rumours..dfnty our Madame ll be back sefely..God z with us


Aishwarya Rajessh
Media thinks they can do anything for TRP... So dam cheap it is



Oh there is still hope.... -#jayalalithaa amma still alive... Let's avoid confusion n pray hard for her...... Miracle is to happen..


Omg -#AmmaGetWellSoon! pls stop scaring everyone like these with fake news! Waiting to witness some miracle god

Suza Kumar
Wth is happening?Tamil media is announcing without knowing the fact ?R they playing with the emotions of ppl.what is the truth -#JayaHealth


There is no official declaration? then I still wanna believe she will be back. Am so so sorry if I had tweeted wrong


Pragathi Guruprasad
No official news yet from Apollo..everyone please get home and stay safe.


*Tweets are produced as such and not spell checked

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Celebs react to TN CM's wrong death news in TV channels

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