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Vineeth Sreenivasan lauds Chennai for its behavior after Jayalalithaa's death

The unfortunate demise of former TN CM Jayalalithaa had sent the entire state into a mournful mood. But that did not create a law and order situation as was expected by many.

Actor/producer/director Vineeth Srinivasan appreciates Chennai in his social media page.

He says, “I remember reading about a prominent city in India being forced to shut down right after the demise of their renowned political leader. Vehicles were attacked and civilians were tormented to create a complete shutdown. Respect was violently demanded. But yesterday in Chennai, when the beloved CM passed away, the city was not shut down out of fear, but out of Respect.


I had to take my car and go out yesterday night for something, which was not a safe thing to do if it was any other city, considering the situation. When I went out, there were fewer people on the roads, no presence of police in the street corners unlike any other day, almost pitch dark with everything closed down. But the people whom I saw were calm. They were not violent, they were sad. Auto Stands had camphors and agarbathies lit in front of the phenomenal lady's pictures. But even when 95% of the shops were shut down, many of the medical stores, ATM centres, and a few provision stores were open. I felt, a civilian's necessities still have a lot of value in this city.


Long story short, I love the way Chennai conducts itself, even in the darkest hours. People here are calm, composed, classy and respectful. This city has taught me a lot. It continues to be my master..”


Kudos to Chennai!

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Vineeth Sreenivasan lauds Chennai for its behavior after Jayalalithaa's death

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