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Cable Sankar talks about his 6 Athiyayam Tamil movie

6 Athiyayam is an upcoming Tamil film which has been directed by 6 directors. The movie has 6 horror films in its 2 hours of run time and this attempt is a very innovative one by this team. Talking to us about this unique attempt that has never been tried before, executive producer and director Cable Sankar said:

6 Athiyayam is the first time in the history of world cinema that 6 horror films will be compiled into one feature film.  The speciality about this film is that each of them will be based on one emotion each. For example, romance, comedy, psychological thriller, traditional horror, etc are types of horror. To make an anthology based on various genres might not hold the attention of the audiences.

Hence, our 6 Athiyayam will have horror as the base and various emotions will carry them forward. Another unique thing about the film is the screenplay. Each of the films will end with a pre-climax and the last half hour of the feature film will have the climax of each of these films. The connect with the audiences will be better this way and it will give them the fulfilment of watching a complete film with good content. A lot of newcomers are part of the cast and the directors include Shankar Thiyagarajan, Ajayan Bala, EAT Suresh, Lokesh, Shridhar Venkatesan and myself. We are excited about the way it has come out and are hoping for a good reception from audiences.