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Bigg Boss Promo 1 September 27 feat Sendrayan and Aishwarya

Bigg Boss is an Indian reality show that is being aired in various languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, etc., The tamil version show has crossed 100 days, and the last week is in progress right now. There are 4 contestants left in the house, they are Riythvika, Janani Iyer, Aishwarya and Vijayalakshmi.

The first promo video of today's episode is out now. The video features Sendrayan entering the house, and telling contestants about the audience's pulse. Since there are only 3 days left for the show to end, the contestants are enjoying their last days inside the house.

We've to wait to see who is the winner of the show. We can expect a few eliminations to happen in the next few days. Stay tuned.