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Bigg Boss fame Vaishnavi reveals her boyfriend Anjan

RJ Vaishnavi was one of the contestants of this recently ended Bigg Boss show. She has now revealed that she is in a relationship and has also shared pictures of her, along with her boyfriend, that is going viral on social media.

Her boyfriend is called Anjan, who is a Pilot. There were a few speculations about their relationship, on social media, and hence the Bigg Boss contestant decided to make it official to keep a full stop to all the gossips and rumours.

Vaishnavi posted on her Insta space - "So for those of you who don't know/aren't sure/have doubts, the guy in the picture is @fake_captain, who is my boyfriend. He is a pilot. We've been together for 2.5 years, I love him to bits and you can all rest all your conspiracy theories about why there are adorably lovey-dovey pictures of him and me on the Internet. Also, we are heavy #couplegoals so #kthxbye.

Dedicating this post to my goofball and happy place for life @fake_captain. Once again you move countries and I have to be away from you for 2 more months! Considering our relationship survived the 2 months I was in the Bigg Boss house, this is gonna be cakewalk! I love you dodo and I am already missing your stupid face :* Come back to Chennai soon so we can take a lot more goofy pictures using Snapchat filters!"

*post is not spell-checked