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Comedian Sathish displays his humor sense, not just in films, but also through his twitter handle quite frequently. The interest he has towards Bigg Boss is transparently seen through his witty comments on the things happening in the show, during his interviews and of course, his tweets.

Bigg Boss fame Kavin trolled by Sathish in his tweet

Even recently, Sathish had tweeted "Is that Bigg Boss house or that one person's house? (you can decide who that person is)" which went viral on the online platforms. And now, he has scored again, and this time, a hilarious one where he trolls Kavin. The tweet says "Things which are always in the bathroom A.Paste B.Brush C.Kavin...??"

Kavin is spotted talking with his fellow housemates in bathroom often and even one of the recent promos featured him talking with Losliya in the bathroom. This witty comment of Sathish has also been going viral in the twitter like his last one.

Bigg Boss season started on the 23rd of June. The show is hosted by Ulayaganayagan Kamala Haasan like it's last two seasons. 16 participants are present in the house this season and Fathima Babu was the first contestant to be eliminated which leaves 15 contestants right now inside the house.