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Bigg Boss is one of the most interesting and entertaining reality shows of recent times all over India in different languages. The show features celebrities from various industries together in a house for 100 days without getting evicted. There are various tasks given to the contestants which makes it more interesting for them and the audience who are watching it,

Bigg Boss fame Danny imitates contestants in special interview

Bigg Boss season 2 fame Danny who is known for his performances from films such as Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara, Pollathavan and more had an interaction with Behindwoods where he shares about the current Bigg Boss contestants. The highlight of the video is Danny's imitation of all the contestants of this season.

When asked which contestant he finds the most irritating in this season, Danny jokingly said "It is the promo creators who are irritating for me" he laughed, "There are lot of good things happening in the house, they can show the pleasant moments, but they only show the arguments." he added.

When asked what he thinks would have happened if he was in this season along with the others, "It would have been so much fun. I would have had fun talking with Vanitha." said Danny cheerfully. "Sandy is doing that job there. No matter how serious a person gets, if you go near them and smirk while they are shouting, they will calm down and loosen up within few days" he added.

When questioned about his opinion about friend Madhumitha's current status, he replied "Madhumitha is a mentally strong girl, but when everyone gangs up on her, it is difficult for her to fight back. But she will tackle the situation soon"

Don't miss Danny's amazing imitation of this season's contestants, watch the full exclusive interview video here: