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Bigg Boss Ananth Vaidyanathan talks about Bigg Boss 2

Ananth Vaidyanathan, one of India's leading voice experts was one of the contestants in this year's Bigg Boss. He was eliminated in the 3rd week of the competition, after Mamathi Chari. He has trained singers for a lot of reality shows all over India.

Talking exclusively to Behindwoods, he reviewed some of the contestants and revealed the changes he had seen in the characters on some of them. 

Mahat - I'm concerned about Mahat's violence. This is too much. When he comes out and watches his episodes, he'll feel certainly bad!

Shariq - He was the moderator of a task. He punished Mumtaj and I don't have any problem with that. But, him touching Mumtaj was unacceptable. I had a lot of love for Shariq. When you touch a girl, you might feel normal about that, but the question is whether it is normal for the other side. 

Mumtaj - Mumtaj is a very conservative lady. She is dignified. She has certain boundaries and she knows her limits. I like some things about her, and I dislike some. The most favourite thing about her is her strengh. She is strong willed. Her biggest negative is she is dramatic.

Daniel - Mahat being angry about him, hurt his ego. I'm very affectionate about him, he's clever. He doesn't want to love anyone. He is here to win.

Janani - I don't understand Janani. I finally saw that she is not as innocent as it seems from inside the house. This could be because of the frustration created because of lack of luxuries.