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An analysis of Rajini-Ranjith film title Kaala Karikalan

While the much-awaited title of Rajinikanth’s 164th film has been announced by producer Dhanush, there is a little confusion as to whether the title is Kaala or Kaala Karikalan.


However may it be, if director Ranjith is someone who brings in a lot of relevance and connect between the title and his script, this title sounds very interesting and also seems to signify more the image of Superstar.


Karikala Chozhan is someone who ruled south India during Sangam period and his name Karikaal is said to have come from his charred leg during a fire mishap during his younger days. There is also a different surmise to this indicating that it could mean the slayer of elephants which suggests might.   


In the film context, it absolutely fits the Superstar. The role that he must be essaying in the film should be reflective of these valorous characteristics in the contemporary period that could be rising up and speaking for the marginalized populace. Of course, we would know more about this as the film starts rolling. All the same, a powerful title we would say.


Best wishes to Team Kaala Karikalan!

An analysis of Rajini-Ranjith film title Kaala Karikalan

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