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Actress Vijayalakshmi walks out of Nayagi serial

Chennai 28 and Anjathey fame actress Vijayalakshmi Feroz ventured into the small screen as an actor, through the serial, Nayagi, which started airing from February 2018.

However, due to a few reasons unknown, actress Vijayalakshmi has opted out of the serial and will no more be a part. She was playing the lead character, called Anandhi, and now her exit has taken a set of audience by surprise. She made this announcement through her tweet, "Due to unavoidable reasons, I cannot continue to be your anandhi in #nayagi anymore! But so moved by all your love and support. Overwhelming❤️!!  Will make it up to you real soon.  Love you all"

Later this morning, Vijayalakshmi also put up a video sharing her feelings about quitting the show, due to creative differences. She said, "Post the tweet I made last night, I have been receiving a lot of messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also happened to read all the comments to the Nayagi related videos on YouTube. I am humbled to receive so much of love for the character of Anandhi.

It was definitely not easy to come out and was a hard decision only. But I had to do it. We had a few misunderstandings between the team, and I couldn't continue 
post that. I loved portraying the character of Anandhi in the serial. It will take some time for me to come out of that character. I request you guys to trust me and respect my decision.

I have just come out of that particular serial. I will still be a part of the media. I will meet you guys with a new exciting project within the next few days. Keep pouring the love and I love you all so much.