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Director Govi talks about Trisha starrer Nayaki aka Nayagi

We will watch Nayaki, the Trisha-Ganesh Venkatraman starrer from this Friday, the 16th September. We catch up with director Govi aka Govardhan to know more about the film. He has directed Love You Bangaram in Telugu. 


How did you conceive Nayaki?
I am a big fan of Trisha and when I sat down to write a story, I had her only in the mind. I wanted to show her in a heroic film. In some scenes, Trisha will look like a hero and she is only the hero in the film.

How did you convince Trisha?
Trisha had apparently heard 32 stories before I went to narrate mine. Within five minutes into the narration, she agreed to be in my film. I explained to her about the soul of the film. In fact, I told her to hear the entire story, but she was confident about my confidence. I narrated the entire story only before the photo shoot.

Working with Trisha
Working with Trisha was awesome. It was actually a dream come true for me. I am a huge fan of her. I had missed many chances to work with her. But I never thought I would direct her one day. She is very nice and friendly. In the beginning, I used to call her ma’am but she insisted I call her Trisha. She makes you feel so comfortable. She is a beautiful person in and out. It is difficult to complete a bilingual in 40 days, but we were able to do only because of Trisha.

Trisha’s character
She is called Gayathrie in the film. There will be two variations in her character, one will be 20 years below and the other one will be her current age. She lost weight and had done lots of home work and hard work.

How will Nayaki be different from other horror films?
It is a retro horror. You would not have seen such films before. It is a ghost revenge drama. There will be one special dimension to it, which I cannot reveal now. You will have many doubts in the first half and all of them will be cleared in the second half. Nayaki is 98% entertainment and 2% horror, an emotional retro horror. You will sympathize with the ghost.

Other cast members
Ganesh Venkatraman is Trisha’s pair. I am introducing Sathyam Rajesh to Tamil and his pair will be Sushma Raj (India-Pakistan fame). She plays an important character in the film. There is also JP, Kovai Sarala, Mano Bala and Sendrayan.


Tamil audiences
I wanted to release first in Tamil because Tamil audiences will see a film for its entertainment value. When we make bilinguals, we will take full shots in one language and some close-up shots for the other language. I did full shots for Tamil. All the artists can speak fluent Tamil. Soul of Nayaki will be in Tamil only.


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Director Govi talks about Trisha starrer Nayaki aka Nayagi

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