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Actress Lakshmy Ramakrishnan opens up about the Television ban case against her

Advocate SS Balaji of Madras High Court had reportedly filed a complaint with Chennai police commissioner against a couple of Television shows and the anchors who are hosting the shows. He claims that these shows are violating human rights and also child rights. SS Balaji has even requested these shows to be banned. Popular actor Lakshmy Ramakrishnan hosts one of the shows, and when we got in touch with her to know her perspective regarding this case, this is what she had to say.

“My show is a platform just like Twitter but the only difference is that it is a show presented by an anchor. If someone has exposed someone wrongly by using the platform, let them file the case against the person who did it. Why blame the platform? The platform, of course, has to maintain basic regulations, which the legal department takes care. Just because the wrong doer is exposed, can you demand that the sufferer or victim should not talk openly, out of her/his own will? Not to the anchor, but through the show, to the audience and public!

Once again, if at all there is an issue with any particular episode, please quote. 7.5 lakh women at Gramodayam and many colleges and associations have acknowledged and appreciated my work and my show. It is clear and evident that my show does the job of creating awareness and empowering women, in a large scale :).

Not just women, but many many helpless victims of social evils have benefitted out of the show. Nothing is perfect, and there are certain privacy issues associated with the show, which we are addressing time and again. The show has evolved through this 4 years of journey. To my knowledge, I don’t beat or abuse people on the show. Children are not exposed. If at all there was some slip somewhere, please quote that particular incident, and we shall give an explanation and also correct mistakes if any. There is no point in blaming the show as it has benefitted many people and no doubt created awareness, which is a primary responsibility of media.

And to explain with an example, do people demand banning on Twitter and YouTube because personal issues were exposed on
Suchi's account?! How many maintained secrecy and so-called ethics?”

Actress Lakshmy Ramakrishnan opens up about the Television ban case against her

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