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Actor Dinesh of Attakathi fame talks about Visaaranai

Dinesh who is popularly called as Attakathi Dinesh is eagerly waiting for the release of his next film Visaaranai directed by Vetri Maaran. He quickly shares his thoughts.


Visaaranai is hitting the screens tomorrow. What are your feelings?

Like all the eager audiences, I am also waiting to see the film tomorrow. I saw the film in Venice, but now I am waiting to see along with the viewers.


How did you get this role?

The opportunity was a kind of surprise to me. Vetri Maaran sir called and said there is going to be this film and you are in it. I did not know the details, but I was very happy. Vetri sir is my mentor and I would blindly follow whatever he says and it helps me a lot. It cannot happen with everyone. My equation with Ranjith sir will be on similar lines. Therefore, I went to Visaaranai with a lot of love and I will get to see the result of it tomorrow. I am quite tensed.


Your feelings while you were shooting Visaaranai

When I was shooting, I realized that as an artist, while I was being taken care of well, the person in real life had suffered a lot, endured it all and is alive. I could ask for a glass of water, drink, take rest and can resume the shoot. But that luxury was not there for the REAL person. That kind of sent a shiver down my spine and at the same time, it helped me in my performance that I am after all safe.


After Visaaranai, do you think you have grown as an artist?

Right from Attakathi, I have always gone for scripts that I love. I am plain; I don’t have any lofty ideas and have let nature take me through its course. I want to do my job perfectly and the rest will automatically fall in its place. Whatever projects that I sign in, I want to give my 100%.


Kabali and Rajinikanth

I have completed my portions in Kabali, just a couple of days back. Rajini sir was the first one to watch Visaaranai and appreciated it big time. He said ‘Picture Hit, Picture Hit Picture Hit’. It was a dream for me to be working alongside Rajini sir. The entire work span with him in Kabali was like a ‘hang over’ for me. From Cuckoo, I have been getting the audience’s response but to be appreciated by Rajini sir, had given me a lot of positive energy. I am also energized by Vetri sir who is beside me. When our mentor is with us, we can always discuss a lot of things, clarify our doubts. It is not easy to get such opportunities. I think I am blessed in that aspect.


Other projects

My next release would be Nelson Venkatesan’s Oru Naal Koothu. I have to complete dubbing for Ul Kuthu. Currently Annanukku J directed by Vetri sir’s assistant Rajkumar, produced by Fox Star Films and Grass Root Company is in progress. The film is a fun ride based on satire.  


Wish you the Best Dinesh and Team Visaaranai!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar



Actor Dinesh of Attakathi fame talks about Visaaranai

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