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A selfie, a letter and a phone call proved Dileep the strong suspect

Malayalam cine industry was still not out of the shock induced by the popular actress's abduction when all hell broke loose on July 10th with the arrest of famous actor Dileep. Dileep's name had got dragged into the case almost immediately after the horrible incident that happened on 18th February. Rumor spread that the actor and actress were not on talking terms and a dispute over their business partnership was the motive. But Dileep and almost everyone in the Malayalam film fraternity said that he was innocent and is being harassed by the media.


Photos of Dileep standing with the accused Pulsar Suni began spreading through social media. But they were photos of Dileep's friend who looked a little like Suni. Dileep openly said that a large group in the media is trying to defame him.


This began to turn around when a real selfie taken at Georgettan's Pooram location by Dileep showed Pulsar Suni standing behind him at a distance. This might have brought Dileep under suspicion as it is believed that the police investigation gained pace after this.


After a while, a letter claimed to be written by Pulsar Suni to Dileep from prison hit the television news. In the letter, Suni says that people are forcing him to reveal the mastermind behind the case and asks Dileep to give the promised money at the earliest. The actor clarified that he had reported about this letter to the police earlier.


The next news that had an impact on the case was the alleged blackmailing phone calls from Suni's cellmate in prison to Dileep's manager Appunni and close friend Nadirsha asking for 1.5 crore rupees to leave Dileep out of the case. According to sources, the consequent investigation led to more evidence which resulted in a 13 hour questioning of Dileep and director Nadirsha.


The police raided Dileep's wife and actress Kavya Madhavan's business establishment. After many speculations and controversial statements from many celebrities in the industry, Dileep was brought in for custody on July 10th, and his arrest was reported in the evening. According to sources, Nadirsha is also expected to be arrested soon.

A selfie, a letter and a phone call proved Dileep the strong suspect

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