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A Mother's Day tribute of moms in Tamil cinema

Kollywood has always placed mothers in a different sphere and celebrated them. Mothers in the earlier films were all the epitome of sacrifice, selflessness and a receptacle of forfeiture. But with the changing times and sensibilities, K town has also woken up to portray mothers in tune with the trend. 


On the occasion of Mother’s Day, let us look at some of the swag moms from a few films. Of course, we need to thank the respective directors for their portrayals!


Anupama Kumar in Neethanae En Pon Vasantham came across as someone who urban audiences could relate to. Same is the case with Kalyani Natarajan in Pisaasu. They were so relatable, someone who we would see in city households.


Gautami in Papanasam stood for her daughter and carried the role of a strong willed mom with panache. In the recent times, if there was an award for ‘yummy mom’ in our films, it will go hands down to Nadiya. The lady can still give the young heroines a run for their money. Making her come back in M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi, Nadiya continues her portrayal of a stylish, dignified and strong mom in many films.


Hats off to all these and to the numerous moms-real and reel out there! A very happy Mother’s Day!

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A Mother's Day tribute of moms in Tamil cinema

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