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It’s just three minutes for Mani Ratnam ...

It’s just three minutes for Mani Ratnam

Mar 10, 2015

When Vairamuthu joins Mani Ratnam, his verses reach a different level which is much enjoyed by the fans of both these creative minds.


Talking about the upcoming OK Kanmani, Vairamuthu states that he liked it when Mani Ratnam first disclosed the title of his film as OK Kanmani. On the ace director’s narrating style Vairamuthu says, “You all would find it a little unusual the way Mani Ratnam narrates his stories. He has never ever narrated any of his stories for more than three minutes to me. His narrating style is just like his dialogues which are sharp, crisp and terse”.


The National Award winner further enunciates, “Mani Ratnam uses only those words that are absolutely necessary and within that short span of his narrating the story, it (the story) will come to reside in my brain. In OK Kanmani, he just drew the lines of two characters and their love, mental state, thought process and the clause between them, and I completed the picture”.


He sums it up, “OK Kanmani is a beautiful romantic territory which is Mani Ratnam’s favorite playing area and his winning turf.   He has again entered this ground and is sure to win here”.


It’s just three minutes for Mani Ratnam ...

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