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Suriya's gift for 'Women's day'...

Welcoming Suriya to a new world !

Mar 07, 2015
The world is welcoming Suriya, for what? The highly talented and the respected actor has finally decided to be part of twitter. During Anjaan promotions, Suriya said, online social media play a huge role in staying touch with the fans and also be coherent with the industry. 
With new-Gen actors like Dhanush, even Thalaivar and also the contemporaries like Vijay socializing with Twitter, it is high time, somebody like Suriya, who can give us interesting shooting spot pictures to tidbits to even post about a welfare activity he's taking up, join the twitter world. There is also a speculation that, he'll be online by 11.30 am, 8th of March. There will even be a special crowd tracking the number of followers the actor might attract in his first day and compare it with other celebs. 
With twitter feed replacing newspapers, Suriya's tweets might add some flavor to his die-hard fans. What can be a better day for Suriya to join twitter? Heartthrob's incoming on a 'Women's day' and a strong reason for girls to join twitter. 
Welcome to the twitter world Suriya !     


Suriya's gift for 'Women's day'...

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