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Orange Mittai director Biju Viswanath recounts shooting the mime number in the film

The audio of Orange Mittai was released early this morning (1st July). The film directed by Biju Viswanath features Vijay Sethupathi in the lead role supported by Ramesh Thilak, Aashritha and others. Orange Mittai is produced by Vijay Sethupathi who has written the dialogues, penned the lyrics for two songs and has also sung two numbers.


Some time back a promo number ‘Straight aa Poyee’ was released which had Vijay Sethupathi in a mime avatar. Talking about this director Biju says, “The song is actually about meaninglessness of life. In the song it says, go straight, turn left and then you find a pillar, but after this what? There is always a question. The song keeps asking you that. The full version is there in the movie in the form of mime but we have added clips from the film in the promo track. The tagline of the film is ‘journey is destination’ and technically there is no destination but the journey or the travel is the most important feature in life”.  


On recalling his experience shooting the song, Biju states, “As far as I know, Vijay Sethupathi is the first South Indian actor to have done a mime. It was difficult during the shooting of this number because Vijay was having extreme high temperature but continued to shoot. He could not even stand. We shot for two days. We have conveyed various stages of human life in the song. As human beings, we all have a tendency to collect a lot of material things but then we realize its futility as we grow older. It is one circle. We have told this in a bittersweet way. Try to see life as fun and be in the moment and enjoy the moment. It was an unusual and interesting experience to do a mime like that. And Vijay Sethupathi had to shave his beard. Lots of people were wondering if it was indeed Vijay Sethupathi. Therefore in the end we show him as a real person coming out, shedding his make up”.


The film is gearing up for a July 31 release. Wishing the team the very best!

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Orange Mittai director Biju Viswanath recounts shooting the mime number in the film

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