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Music director K talks about the death song he had composed for the film Ammini

Ammini is an upcoming film directed by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan with K as the music director.  


Recently we had reported that there is a song in the film which is actually the protagonist’s imagination of her death.


Talking about how it was it to score for this number, K reveals that it was indeed interesting. “The story of Ammini is around the protagonist who works in a government hospital as a cleaner. The film is set in North Madras. Lakshmy Ma’am wanted a gaana number for a situation which is about the lady lead’s dream song on her death”.


K feels that gaana songs have a particular sound that is immediately recognizable and he had no interest in doing the usual one. When trying to bring in a unique color to the song he recalled about the brass bands and Gulab band which are popular in North Madras and Sowcarpet areas.


He furthers, “The film is set in North Madras, where you have many brass bands which play in weddings, receptions and processions in and around the area. I approached Gulab band which has been there in Chennai for a long time. They perform in many weddings. They will go a on a truck in which there will be a keyboard player; there will not be much sophisticated music and the brass band fellows will follow them on the road. I kind of experimented with this and it has turned out well”.


How would the song sound? “When you hear the song, you will think it is a wedding procession but it is actually a death convoy. The protagonist will imagine that people will be singing hosannas in her death procession. It is a complete positive song and there is no sadness anywhere. The song will be like a celebration march”.


K adds that the song has been sung by Mukesh and written by Na.Muthukumar.


Music director K talks about the death song he had composed for the film Ammini

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