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Uttama Villain has created all the urge ...

Uttama Villain has created all the urge !!!

Mar 02, 2015

Kamal's take on cinema, belief on the craft of film making, his guru bakthi, expectations from himself and his immeasurable love for cinema can never ever be matched. Uttama Villain's illustrious audio launch is all done and thanks to the event, we got another version of Uttama Villain's trailer. When the earlier version gave a little about the story, this time, more about the film has been told.


From the way the technicians are mentioned in the heightened way of the Tamil language to teasing us about the possible storyline of the film, the second trailer of Uttama Villain is a lot more clear and direct. With the majestic tiger's growl, the trailer proceeds with Ghibran's high paced music of the 'Haiko' beats. Vijay Shankar's blink effect with the editing sets a pace and grabs our attention.


With dialogue portions and montage shots placed on an alternate pattern, the trailer is filled with lots of highs and lows. The period setting and the present period of the film’s story are equally laced, creating suspense.


Kamal's travel as an actor, his fight to be righteous, tiffs with his son and wife, he getting back his lost stardom are all the predictable elements in the trailer and with a tad of the graphics portion Uttama Villain has created all the urge to watch it. 


Uttama Villain has created all the urge ...

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