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Vijay is ahead of Rajini and Ajith ...

Vijay is ahead of Rajini and Ajith

Dec 12, 2014

Forbes India have come out with their yearly list of the Top 100 celebrities in India based on earnings and fame for the year 2014. Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, M.S.Dhoni and Akshay Kumar occupy the first 5 spots.

From the Tamil film world, Vijay, Rajini, Ajith and Dhanush occupy the 41st, 45th, 51st and 78th spots respectively. Among the other prominent South Indian film personalities, A.R.Rahman is at 13, Mahesh Babu is at 30 and A.R.Murugadoss is at 39.
The list is predominantly packed with Bollywood film personalities and Indian cricketers.


Vijay is ahead of Rajini and Ajith ...

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