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The legendary Balu Mahendra's last outing

The legendary late Balu Mahendra's last outing

Oct 15, 2014
The legendary late director Balu Mahendra was supposed to do another film after Thalaimuraigal, but unfortunately the film got shelved due to the director's sudden demise.
Actor 'Gadam' Kishan was set to play the lead role in the planned film which was based on the life of a mentally challenged youngster with the mind of a 10 year old, and who is incredibly talented at music. The title of the movie wasn't decided but a thematic photo-shoot with Kishan was done by the director himself.
Meanwhile Kishan has also acted in the recent Jai - Nazriya starrer Thirumanam Enum Nikkah and in the TV series Kanaa Kaanum Kalangal. He is currently a part of films like Evvalavo Paathutom and Vaazhai Pazham.


The legendary Balu Mahendra's last outing

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