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Ra - ''A movie that deserves a second watch'' ...

Ra - ''A movie that deserves a second watch''

Dec 08, 2014

Ra, the scientific fantasy horror film, has been met with its share of positive reviews. The film was released last Friday with not much of an expectation but with good word of mouth, it is expected to see an increase in the number of screens and shows.


During a candid conversation with the executive producer of the film, Mr. Mohammed Feroz, he talked about the pros and cons of Ra, the mysterious ‘Red Door’, audience reception and also the trade prospects of the film. 


“Ra is a scientific fantasy thriller which talks about a subject, ‘Red Door’, 4th Dimension, that has never been dealt before in Tamil Cinema, in an engaging way. Our motive is not to make money with this movie, but to reach as many people since we believe that we have a good product in our hands with a unique concept.”


“'Red Door' concept is something that is pretty new and most people who had watched the movie would have no idea about what it is. The movie for sure is for everybody - A, B and C centre audiences but only few people could grasp the concept of the movie with just a solitary watch. It is one of those movies that deserves a second watch.”


“I have been visiting both multiplexes as well as single screens to witness the reception; the interval sequence has been unanimously well-received with claps irrespective of the type of audience and theatre. Couple of standalone scenes have also been highly appreciated. When I bumped into a gang of college students outside a well-known multiplex in Chennai, after their Ra show, they had high regards for the movie. One guy said ‘We did not expect the movie to be this good, we came to the theatre reading a couple of reviews online but never imagined it to be this good’. So the audience who had watched the movie had no expectation but have been pleasantly surprised.”


“To be frank the movie had an average opening on Day one but with positive word of mouth, Saturday and Sunday have been good, especially Sunday was pretty fruitful with packed shows. I feel happy that with very less promotion, the movie has managed to attract the audience.”


Ra - ''A movie that deserves a second watch'' ...

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