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Lingusamy wishes to do another Nayagan with Suriya

Another Nayagan with Suriya ?

May 05, 2014
Anjaan director Lingusamy seems to be having some huge plans with his hero Suriya. He just can't stop singing praises of the star and calls him 'high voltage' and 'fiery'. According to Lingusamy, it is very difficult to fully utilize Suriya's immense capabilities. He says
"Today, we can do a film like Nayagan with Suriya as he has grown to such a level and stature. I have also repeatedly conveyed this to him and wish to do such a film with him. He is like Kamal in the way he invests everything that is possible to make his role memorable. Karthi can learn a lot from Suriya and he also has that eagerness to learn from his elder brother"


Lingusamy wishes to do another Nayagan with Suriya

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