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Suriya's Anjaan first look posters create a frenzy

Its an Anjaan Avalanche since yesterday

May 01, 2014
After the earlier release of the logo, several stylish first look posters from Suriya's Anjaan were released around midnight yesterday.
The posters feature Suriya at his mean and deadly best as a gangster. Though the stills featuring him as the fearless gangster have an aggressive and edgy streak, we also have a few colourful stills where Suriya is seen jiving and romancing with the cute Samantha, who seems to have gone glam in a big way. These stills are all over the city as wall posters and are also trending in the online space.
With the movie set for release 3 months later in August, the makers (UTV and Thirrupathi Brothers) seem to have started the marketing and promotions for the movie well in advance and have blazed a huge positive awareness for the movie among fans.
Generally, we have big budgeted Bollywood films marketed in such a well-planned and extensive manner. The Tamil industry still hasn't woken up fully to the trend of aggressive marketing and it is good to see UTV and Thirrupathi Brothers leading the way in this aspect with a biggie like Anjaan.
Kaushik.L.M | @lmkmoviemaniac


Suriya's Anjaan first look posters create a frenzy

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