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Lingaa's trailer creates a storm ...

Lingaa's trailer creates a storm

Nov 17, 2014
The power-packed drama with energetic music, the story travelling back and forth from pre-independence era to now, eye-catching visuals, the man of the masses standing for, by and with them, Superstar in ultimate extravagance and more -  the Lingaa trailer is ruling the internet world now. In just over 24 hours, the trailer has crossed 1 million views.
Without a doubt the film is expected to be a roaring success post its release. The trailer has fast-paced visuals and we see Superstar to be the savior of a crisis. The exorbitant sets, brilliant styling and compelling storytelling are few elements that set out to make this trailer standout.
On the other hand, we have seen the 'problem solving' aspect in Rajini's 'Sivaji The Boss' and the grand sets and scenes do have a slight Shankar touch. Again, the period difference makes KS Ravikumar stand alone for his uniqueness.
The punch dialogues, changing era, striking visuals, elevating BGM, off-beat screenplay, Thalaivar in his typical style and K.S.Ravikumar's direction are all the things that make Lingaa distinctly stand out. The trailer is expected to cross many more milestones soon.


Lingaa's trailer creates a storm ...

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