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Jilla screen counts in overseas markets

Vijay's Jilla - screen counts in overseas markets

Jan 07, 2014

The release of Jilla is just 3 days away and the film is getting ready to be screened all over the world. Vijay has a very good market in overseas markets such as US, UK, Malaysia and Sri Lanka and Jilla will be screened extensively in many more countries.

Totally, the film has been booked in 213 theaters so far, across 11 countries and this number will be increased in the coming days. Premier shows will be held on Jan 9th, a day ahead of the Indian release, and we can expect reviews of the movie to dominate the social media from 9th itself.
A split up of Jilla's overseas screen count till date, is as follows
USA - 69 theaters
UK - 45 theaters
France - 23 theaters
Germany - 12 theaters
Denmark - 19 theaters
Switzerland - 20 theaters
Holland - 8 theaters
Sri Lanka - 9 theaters
Australia - 3 theaters
Singapore - 2 theaters
Canada - 3 theaters
The final screen count in Malaysia hasn't been finalized yet and Jilla can be expected to garner a large number of screens in this country, which has been a stronghold for Tamil films since long. We will keep you posted. 


Jilla screen counts in overseas markets

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