Jilla vs Veeram Albums - The battle begins

Jilla vs Veeram Albums - The battle begins

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The Thala vs Thalapathy battle. It's been a while since both of their movies released on a same day. Everytime we had only one winner. Villain vs Bagavathy, Thirumalai vs Angeneya, Pokkiri vs Alwar. It will be interesting to see who takes the honors this time, I hope both.

The battle has already begun with their albums releasing almost simultaneously. Veeram from DSP who is not in a good from at least in Tamil and Jilla from Imman, who is consistently in good form this year. Both the albums have mandatory intro song, theme song, melody and kuthu songs, proper mass movie albums.

The intro songs are good in both the albums, but the lyrics are little better in Jilla's. The theme song of Veeram does have the required punch, which is slightly better then Jilla's.

The kuthu songs, Jingjickan and Thangame (which sounds like Kaathadi Pola Yendi from Maayavi) and Jilla's Eppa Mama and Jinginamai, are very average in both the albums. Imman who was not known for kuthu songs has not produced anything better here and DSP once again with an average attempt.

The melodies are really good in both the albums. We have tried and trusted Shreya Goshal, one of the best in town rendering a song in both the albums. But, Kandaangi from Jilla scores slightly higher than Ival Dhana in Veeram may be because of Vijay's presence or Vairamuthu's lyrics. Also, Verasa Pogayale from Jilla is Imman's trademark melody which he completely owns it. Imman is more comfortable and delivers well in melody department.

The verdict is both are average albums, with hits and misses. Jilla scores little higher because of the melodies. Now let's wait for the movies to know the final result.

Veeram - 2.5 and Jilla - 2.75.

Karthic S

Chandhu Sivaswamy

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