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The 21 year old local sensation behind 'Dangamaari' ...

The 21 year old local sensation behind 'Dangamaari'

Nov 11, 2014
Dangamaari, from Anegan, is trending across the Social Media, and elsewhere. The song, written by 21 year old Rokesh, is full of lingo specific to North Madras. We have more about how the song came into making.
It's the art director of Anegan, Kiran, from Tondiarpet in North Madras, who had introduced the lyricist Rokesh, a resident of Pulianthope (again in North Madras), to director KV Anand. Rokesh hails from a really humble background.
The director - art director duo had given Rokesh about 150 words of North Madras specific vocabulary for reference and also explained the song's situation to him. And, Rokesh came back the next day with three versions of the song, with very few inputs from the reference material given. The condensed form of all the three versions is the song that we hear now in the album.
It is also heard that Rokesh felt really moved by the opportunity to write lyrics for a Harris Jayaraj number. Best Wishes to Rokesh for more such songs!


The 21 year old local sensation behind 'Dangamaari' ...

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