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Reasons to watch Appuchi Graamam

Another sci-fi hitting the silver screen this week

Nov 11, 2014
What would you do when you see lives in our Earth end? How will you react when you literally see livelihoods in your village deteriorate? Answering such questions and going beyond, Appuchi Graamam expresses the reactions of a common man stuck in this fictional situation. The film is all set to release on November 14th in Chennai.
In conversation with Vishal Chandrasekar, the film's music director, we get a heads-up before watching the film:
  • The theme of the movie is new and fresh. When comets fall on a village, killing the lives of people, what happens? This is what Appuchi Graamam is all about. 
  • The film deals with human emotions and goes much deeper into reasoning their loss.
  • Though the film is a science fiction, it touches the core of people and relationships. Every common man will be able to relate to the characters in the film.
  • Songs have come out well and goes in par with the story and screenplay. 
  • The film's technical specifications are well-researched and are taken from ISRO records.
  • The graphics in the film is believable. In Indian standards, the work has been 70% fulfilling.
Further Vishal adds, ''You don't have to be a physics genius or science enthusiast to enjoy Appuchi Graamam, as it tracks the lives of every common man with a simple story packed in 2 hours.''



Reasons to watch Appuchi Graamam

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