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Gautham Menon denies that he is playing a role in Thala 55

Gautham Menon denies it all about Thala 55

Mar 29, 2014

After an astounding hit with Veeram, Ajith’s next will be with Gautham Vasudev Menon. When there is a project involving Ajith, the topic is a real red hot one and stays like that for a long long time. There is so much of buzz surrounding this project and rumor mills were working overtime to ignite the curiosity of fans with various permutations and combinations regarding the cast and crew.


The latest one was that director Gautham Menon himself was doing a role in the film. Putting all the rumors to rest, the director has come forward to announce that it is too early to talk anything about the project. He states, “I am not playing any role in Thala 55 and it is very early to talk about the film”. He was also quick to clarify that he would very soon come out with all the details of the film.


So, folks, till such point, stay tuned!



Gautham Menon denies that he is playing a role in Thala 55

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