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Gautham Menon discloses about punch dialogue in Thala 55

Punch dialogues in Thala 55

Apr 26, 2014

The mere mention of the name Ajith will send his fans to frenzy. Now that the stylish actor is working in as yet untitled film under the direction of Gautham Menon, his fans are eager for continuous updates about the film.


Talking about how he came to team up with Ajith, Gautham Menon explains that he never even had an oneliner to tell Ajith but the Veeram hero asked the director to take his own time to come up with a script. Gautham adds, “I absolutely had no pressure and worked for four months in a relaxed frame of mind and completed the first half.”


When he finished the complete script, Ajith really loved and was eager to go for shoots from the very next day.


Gautham says that the film will have all the segments like action, romance and punch dialogues too and that Ajith will rock in all. For a sample of punch dialogue, he states, "நாலு நாள்ல ஊரே கிறிஸ்துமஸ் கொண்டாடும். எனக்கு மட்டும் அன்னிக்கு தீபாவளிடா" which losely translated in English, “When entire town will celebrate Christmas in four days, it will be Deepavali for me alone”.  


Gautham further discloses that there will be a dialogue on the world’s most beautiful person about Ajith and when seen with the situation and emotion (in the film), the beauty of the frame will be doubled up.


Gautham Menon discloses about punch dialogue in Thala 55

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