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Dhanush in Kurangatti?

Dhanush with Cuckoo Raju Murugan?

Aug 09, 2014

Journalist turned director Raju Murugan rose to fame with his very first film Cuckoo starring Attakathi Dinesh and Malavika. It looks like the director is ready to start his second film.

Incidentally, the film to be produced by Fox Star Studios, is said to be based on a story titled Kurangaatti written by Ram Thiruvudaiyaan. Cuckoo had impressed many and Dhanush being one of them had met Raju Murugan. If everything goes on well, Dhanush may be in this project. 

The crew is expected to get the necessary rights from the author of Kurangaatti before starting the filming process. The details about the cast and crew will follow.



Dhanush in Kurangatti?

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