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Ajith's risky stunt for Veeram stuns Director Siva

Director Siva frozen by fear due to Ajith's deadly stunt

Nov 25, 2013

Ajith is generally known to push the limits when it comes to the stunt scenes in his movies and Veeram is no exception. A train stunt sequence involving Ajith has apparently given director Siva a really tense time while shooting it. Siva goes on to add

"Even stunt masters don't take such risks. We shot this sequence at a place where safety precautions weren't feasible. I have worked in 14 films as a cinematographer and 5 films as a director and I was really scared for the first time while filming this scene. With a deep bridge below, Ajith was literally flirting with fatal danger but insisted that I film the sequence the way I had planned, while narrating the script to him. I literally shivered while telling 'Start Action' for this scene but we successfully canned 2 minutes of footage from this terrific sequence."


Ajith's risky stunt for Veeram stuns Director Siva

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