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A clarification related to the Suriya - Lingusamy film

Ridley Scott isn't going the Suriya - Lingusamy way

Oct 29, 2013
The upcoming Suriya - Lingusamy film was launched with much fanfare two weeks back and the fact that the new Red Dragon camera, being used for this film for the first time by renowned cinematographer Santosh Sivan was a real highlight. The media was also abuzz with the news that Ridley Scott was going to use the same camera for his next film.

We received a detailed clarification letter from the Thales Angénieux group regarding this and here it follows
"Dear Madam/Sir,
I contact you regarding the story you have written about the film shoot which had been done on Wednesday, October 16th at Prasad Studio, Chennai, with Santosh Sivan, Suriya and Lingusamy.
On Wednesday, Santosh Sivan became the first cinematographer to shoot with the new Optimo 25-250mm DP zoom lens which was introduced 1 month back. This new lens is based on the mythic ratio of the HR lens (10x ratio), well known by a whole generation of Indian DoPs. For your information, you will find more details at the following URL: http://www.angenieux.com/zoom-lenses/cinema-portfolio/optimo-dp-25-250.htm. He was also using the new RED Dragon camera as mentioned.
Thales Angénieux imagines, creates and manufactures high-end zoom lenses used to shoot motion pictures and TV programs since 1935. Rewarded several  times in Hollywood, Angénieux zoom lenses are today preferred everywhere in the world by the most demanding image professionals. To know more about Angénieux, find by clicking on the following link, the full history of our 78 years old company: http://www.fdtimes.com/pdfs/articles/angenieux/FDTimes-Angenieux-Special-IBC-Sept2013.pdf
Because of a misunderstanding, we have read on your website (http://behindwoods.com/tamil-movies-cinema-news-13/suriya-lingusamy-project-will-be-the-first-film-in-the-world-to-use-the-red-dragon-digital-technology.html) that the camera is going to be used during the next film shoot of Ridley Scott. Please be careful, Ridley Scott is going to use our new zoom lens (Optimo 25-250mm DP) only but we do not have any information about the camera."


A clarification related to the Suriya - Lingusamy film

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