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Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin speaks about Kochaidayan aka Kochadaiyaan

Superstar Rajini brings out the different dimensions in his daughter

Sep 12, 2013

Soundarya Ashwin is a happy woman at the moment with the release of Kochadaiyaan around the corner. The “Never give up” attitude that she has developed from the upbringing of her father, has undoubtedly worked out in the successful completion of Kochadaiyaan. Making a performance- capture animation movie in around a year and a half is a difficult task to accomplish and Soundarya has managed to do just that.

When the teaser of Kochadaiyaan was released, people had the tendency to compare the movie with Avatar. When Soundarya was asked about it in a recent interview, this is what she said.

Avatar took seven years and so much budget and a James Cameron. There was always the insecurity of the unknown, but we have taken a road never taken in India and broken rules and have completed the film in just a year and a half.”

When Soundarya was asked about how she felt being the first daughter to have directed her own father, she mentioned that she was always a fan of her father. But in the sets, she played the role of a daughter, a fan and a director.

I wanted him to take breaks and have his meals on time. The daughter in me came out at times like that, the fan in me came out when I enjoyed his performance and the director in me came out when I had to finish the schedule of the day.

Kochadaiyaan is expected to be released on Rajinikanth’s birthday (December 12th), thereby giving a grand finale to the calendar year.



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