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'Cinema is a gamble' - Muktha Srinivasan

May 16, 2013

The launch of the film Mannippaayaa was held earlier today at the Green Park Hotel. The distinguished guests included famed producers Pattiyal Sekhar, P.L. Thenappan and Muktha Srinivasan. Acclaimed director Kathir too was an attendee to the party.

The film is being produced and directed by newcomer Rajan who hails from a software background after working for a number of years in Singapore. He said he learnt a lot working as a co-director for films like Kazhugu and Ayyanar and that he learnt the tricks of the trade of production from the likes of Kalaipuli Thanu, Pattiyal Sekhar and P.L. Thenappan. The director said he will be weaving a mesmerizing love story through his film that stars software engineer turned actor Sidhu and Sanchita Padukone.

Speaking at the event the chief guests differed in their outlook towards the business of cinema. Muktha Srinivasan said that filmmaking was a gamble, but if done right there could be no better business. On the contrary, Pattiyal Sekhar refused to subscribe to the idea of cinema being a gamble and explained that careful planning and preparation goes into every project and that has ensured a profitable run for him over the years.



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