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Another hurdle for Thalaivaa

Aug 08, 2013

There has been a lot of news of Thalaivaa since yesterday, concerning its release. It was said earlier that Thalaivaa is unlikely to release on Friday and that the final verdict will come out by afternoon today.

Amidst the tension, there seems to be another hurdle that can affect the release of the movie. It had earlier been reported that the movie was based on the real life story of a father and son who lived in the Dharavi area of Mumbai in the 1980’s.

Now, a person called S.K.R Karnan who resides at Seethaparpanallur, Thirunelveli, claims that he has received news from reliable sources that the movie is based on the real life story of his grandfather S.S. Kandasamy and father S.K Ramasamy.

He has filed a civil suit seeking an interim injunction to hold back the producer and the director of the film as he believes that the movie portrays his father and grandfather in bad light which is actually not the real fact.

The court has ordered notices to the producer and the director following the filing of the suit.  



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