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Breaking - Thalaiva to not release this week?

Aug 07, 2013

A hush hush meeting was held a few moments back, at the Film Chamber in Chennai to sort out the Thalaiva release issue. Theater exhibitors, distributors and other stakeholders connected to the movie were part of the meeting and the entire affair was kept really secretive.

The media wasn't allowed inside and neither was any concrete information passed out after the meeting was wrapped up. But murmurs within, point to the release of Thalaiva being doubtful this week. A more clear picture regarding the release might emerge tomorrow afternoon.

Major theaters in the city such as Devi, Sangam, Abirami and Mayajaal to name a few have stalled their advance bookings, thereby making the issue all the more apparent.

The violent threats to some theater owners from certain political outfits, as reported earlier in the morning, are being seen as one of the reasons for the delay while possible tax exemption issues are also being cited for this delay.

Prints have already been dispatched to overseas markets and if there is a delay in the Tamil Nadu release, what will be the case in overseas markets is anybody's guess. Also, the status of the release in neighboring states such as Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra is unclear.

Fans must still be hoping that their Thalapathy makes it to theaters on time and we too hope for the same. An official word on this issue hasn't been released yet and by tomorrow afternoon, a resolution to this issue is expected.



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