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All in All Azhagu Raja's theater listings carry information on the number of shows too

The Azhaguraja vs Arrambam theater battle is well and truly ON

Oct 13, 2013

The Diwali battle lines are drawn and it is mostly going to be a three-way shootout between Ajith, Karthi and Vishal as Arrambam, All in All Azhaguraja (AAA) and Pandianadu get ready to hit the screens at the same time.

Arrambam is set to come a few days ahead of Diwali on October 31 in order to cash in on the long festive opening weekend and also to cater to Ajith's loyal fan following which unfailingly frequents theaters on the first few days.
Vendhar Movies, through Gopuram Films, would be releasing Pandianadu all over the state.
Studio Green, the producers and distributors of AAA are also equally confident about their product and they are looking at around 300 theaters to screen their Rajesh directed comedy entertainer.
The paper ads of Pandianandu and Arrambam carry just the theater / multiplex listings and they don't have details such as the number of shows. Studio Green have gone a step ahead and come out with paper ads which not only state the theaters that would be screening the movie in Chennai city, but also the number of scheduled shows at some of the properties. The number of shows in multiplexes such as PVR, Inox, Mayajaal, S2 and Fame haven't been listed, as that would depend on how the other movies are being scheduled as well. 
It looks like the all-important Sathyam Cinemas will be sharing their two main screens, Sathyam and Santham, between Arrambam and Azhaguraja, at 2 shows each in both the screens.
The curious fact about the Azhaguraja shows listing is that theaters such as Albert, Kasi and Ganapathyram, which unfailingly screen Ajith's movies, have allotted 4 shows each for the Karthi starrer. This has surprised many Ajith fans in the social media space.



All in All Azhagu Raja's theater listings carry information on the number of shows too

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