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Thala Ajith's advice to the public

Aug 23, 2013

A few days ago, Thala Ajith’s trip to Bengaluru by bike, was a news that was trending all over the social media. Ajith was seen on the highway connecting Chennai and Bangalore, on his new BMW bike completely covered in a protective kit. Ajith shared a few words with the media about the trip.

"This trip was not planned at all as a jolly trip, It is more of an awareness trip. People who see me on this protective gear may get inspired to do the same. This attire is not for racing but for protection. People who use bikes to travel  on a day to day basis need to follow this pattern .This is not something to think on economical grounds and cost factor since a complete MRI scan costs you nothing less than seven thousand. It is better to spend money on protection. Many motorists complain of ' sweating' inside the helmet, but isn't it better to sweat than bleed. I am accompanied in this trip by Mr Suhail Chandhok , brother of the popular motor race driver Karun Chandhok. He plays the role of my brother in my film ' Veeram '. We are planning many more trips like this in future."


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