Vanakkam Chennai Review

Vanakkam Chennai Review

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Directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, it is one of the few movies coming out by the work of female directors. Anirudh as expected was a crucial crowd puller and in just his third movie he has reached a vast audience than expected. Red Giant Movies who has never let the quality of its releases fall down, despite some failures has delivered it as home production and it doesn't really a questionable one. 
The film expands before us with the leads Shiva (Ajay) and Priya Anand (Anjali) destined to meet at Chennai. Shiva, for job as a software engineer and the latter for a professional photographic trip. A man named Narayanan cheats both by renting the same house. 
The initial incidents between the pair make a happy watch and the concept does entertain to the need. Both claim rights to the house and approach police. Manobala and Oorvasi mistake them as divorce seekers and they decide to stay together, declaring themselves as married, as both are in need of housing and short of money. 
Togetherness make Shiva fall in love and when Priya Anand tells us that she is engaged, he tries to move her to his native 'Theni' to impress her and it is beautifully captured in Richard.M.Nathan's camera.  
Shiva identifies Santhanam as Narayanan and they join hands to make Priya Anand love Shiva. As things almost fall in place, Rahul Ravindran (Deepak) arrives as fiance of Priya in Chennai. What happens to this story is the rest. ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi, Nasser and Sangeetha Krish play guest roles. 
Shiva who frustrated us with his 'Ya Ya' has delivered a decent performance and he should work more on his dancing skills to be more successful. Priya Anand is becoming a safe bet these days. She has executed her part more than the expected level.
Camera is very instrumental for the narration right from the beginning. Title stills worth a mention. Editing is by T.S.Suresh, who has done a neat job. Background score and songs are a big plus and it helps to move the screenplay without much slowness. Anirudh Ravichander will be under the scanner next time for it has to be seen if he can exceed the expectation time and again. Lyrics by varied writers were a booster for his music.  
In climax (even the last 30 minutes) the director tried not to repeat any cliches but resemblances refuses to disappear and remain strongly.
It is a not so fresh but no so dull screenplay and it is a creditable debut for Kiruthiga Uthayanidhi. With some more effort and may be with a leading hero it might have been a more successful outing. 
Marks: 5.5/10
Pradeep Kalamegam

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