Thillu Mullu Movie Review by Common Man:

Thillu Mullu Movie Review by Common Man:

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Story: Thillu Mullu Original Version with quiet different screenplay and lots of well written comedy dialogues.
Shiva – Almost, all of us knew that he can’t act or dance much. He too knew about it and that is the major plus for him. He very well knows that he can’t come near to Super star and has done this role in his style.  His timing dialogues with innocent acting make sure that audience laugh for each and every scene in the first half..
Isha Talwar - She is a North Indian Girl and doesn’t look homely. But, Director had made sure that her role adds sufficient glamour to the movie.
Kovai Sarala is one of the best Comedy Actress in South Indian Cinema. She has done her role well as usual with so called Madras accent.
Prakash Raj had played the role of Thengai Srinivasan. This will be one of the best roles in his career. Interview Scene was one of the best scenes in recent movies. All the scenes between Prakashraj & Shiva in the first half have come out very well with wonderful dialogues.
Santhanam makes a cameo appearance in Climax. He comes in the movie for last 10 minutes and helps Shiva. Climax of the movie was quite similar to Sundar C earlier movies.
Music director credit is shared between M.S.V & Yuvan. Ragangal Padhinaru and Thillu Mullu song had been used from the original version. Ragangal Padhinaru song was a classic, but picturization of that song in this movie was pathetic. Songs in the movie were pretty average. 2 Duet Songs in the movie after the Interval drags the second half (which is already dragging) to huge extent.
Director Badri makes comeback with remake of blockbuster “Thillu Mullu”. He has earlier done movies like “Veerappu” & Ainthaampadi with Sundar C as the leading hero. K. Balachandar had wonderful actors along with an excellent comedy to make it as one of the best movies in Tamil Cinema. Badri is an excellent Dialogue Writer without any doubt. He had succeeded as a Director in the first half, but fails to engage the audience in the second half with predictable story, dragging scenes and boring songs. He had given an excellent first half without making the audience think about the REMAKE or Story. But, in the second half, due to predictable story and unwanted songs, movie looks dragging.
First Half – 3.25 /5 & Second Half – 2.25 /5
Overall, First Half was a LAUGH RIOT & Second Half was little dragging with predictable scenes and 2 useless songs.
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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